Computer Eyewear – GUNNAR OPTICS

11 Nov

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) causes eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and loss of productivity due to the unique visual demands computers place on our visual system.  We have seen a drastic increase in the time spent using computers in the workplace as well as at home.  The impact of this ocular stress may range from mild discomfort to severe, debilitating vision loss and structural changes in the eye.

The best place to start to deal with symptoms of CVS is with a comprehensive eye examination.  Through case history and measurements of the way your eyes focus and align, we can recommend changes in the physical setting of your workplace as well as prescribe special computer eyewear to alleviate your symptoms. 

One of the key components to treating CVS is a unique pair of glasses designed for the intense pressures we put on our visual system while working on the computer.  The type of lens depends on the individual and is certainly not one size fits all.  Think of computer eyewear as a tool.  A carpenter or plumber shows up on the job with a truck full of tools to do their jobs safely and effectively.  Computer users need to have the proper tools in the form of specific eyewear to do their jobs safely and effectively as well. 

As I mentioned earlier, there is not one style of computer eyewear that works for everyone.  If you are under age 40 you may need some lenses that simply relieve the stress of focusing for a prolong period of time.  These are usually single vision lenses.  They will incorporate any underlying myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism but have a focal length more appropriate for the computer distance.  Contact lens wearers can wear this type of lens over their contacts.  If you are over 40 you will probably need a computer progressive lens that has different focal properties for viewing the monitor as well as paperwork on your desk.  With any of these lenses, they will be specifically made for the computer and would not be appropriate for full time wear. 

We recommend GUNNAR DIGITAL PERFORMANCE EYEWEAR for our computer users.  These lenses come in a single vision and computer progressive design.  Whether you need a prescription, wear contact lenses or don’t currently need a distance prescription, there is a Gunnar lens designed for you.

The GUNNAR Solution 

  • Wrap design limits air flow, creating a high humidity area to lubricate your eyes
  • Signature tints filter out harsh fluorescent light
  • Premium PureCoat by ZEISS anti-reflective coating reduces reflections
  • Lightweight and ergonomic for all-day use
  • Slight magnification built into the lense

GUNNAR Benefits

  • Minimizes dry, itchy eyes
  • Relaxes ocular muscle and decreases eyestrain
  • Enhances contrast for sharper, clearer vision and reduces glare
  • Increases visual endurance and productivity
  • Optimized for your unique prescription

GUNNAR Results*

Patients were interviewed before and after using Gunnar Performance Eyewear and provided the following results:

  • 100% reported improved ease of viewing
  • 96% reported reduction in eyestrain
  • 90% would recommend use of GUNNARS
  • 80% reported their eyes were less tired when wearing GUNNARS
  • 79% said that wearing GUNNAR eyewear increased productivity

*Based on the results of GUNNAR Optiks’ Market Test questionnaires, conducted March – April, 2009

It all starts with a comprehensive vision exam.  Measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to your computer monitor and bring that information with you to the examination.  This will help us determine the optimum lens power for your computer glasses.  Give us a call at Hillsboro Vision Clinic (503-648-5522) and set up your examination today.


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