31 Oct

The fastest growing mode of contact lens wear is daily disposable contact lenses.  Traditionally, soft contact lenses have been fit with a two week or monthly replacement schedule.  Cooper Vision, Ciba, Vistakon and Bausch & Lomb are the four major contact lens manufacturers.  Each company has embraced the daily disposable market and there are many fine lenses that our doctors fit.

Advantages of daily disposable contacts

  • New lenses every day
  • No lens care solutions to buy
  • Excellent lenses for non-compliant teenagers
  • Excellent lenses for swimmers
  • Excellent lenses for patients with allergies
  • Excellent lenses for dry eye patients
  • Excellent lenses for occasional wearers

Disadvantage of daily disposable contacts

  • Initially more expensive

Keep in mind the fact that you do not have to buy contact lens care solution makes the overall cost very comparable to two week lenses.  The manufacturers are also very eager to promote the daily disposable lenses and offer substantial rebates.  Let the doctors at Hillsboro Vision Clinic fit you in a week’s worth of these lenses so you can see the advantages before you decide if daily disposables are right for you.


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